Perl 6 Basic Types

class AST Abstract representation of a piece of source code
class Any Thing/object
class Block Code object with its own lexical scope
enum Bool Logical boolean
class CallFrame Captures the current frame state
role Callable Invocable code object
class Code Code object
class Complex Complex number
class ComplexStr Dual value complex number and string
class Cool Object that can be treated as both a string and number
class Date Calendar date
class DateTime Calendar date with time
role Dateish Object that can be treated as a date
class Duration Length of time
class FatRat Rational number (arbitrary-precision)
class ForeignCode Rakudo-specific class that wraps around code in other languages (generally NQP)
class HyperWhatever Placeholder for multiple unspecified values/arguments
class Instant Specific moment in time
class Int Integer (arbitrary-precision)
class IntStr Dual value integer and string
class Junction Logical superposition of values
class Label Tagged location in the source code
class Macro Compile-time routine
class Method Member function
class Mu The root of the Perl 6 type hierarchy.
class Nil Absence of a value or a benign failure
class Num Floating-point number
class NumStr Dual value floating-point number and string
role Numeric Number or object that can act as a number
class ObjAt Unique identification for an object
class Parameter Element of a Signature
class Proxy Item container with custom storage and retrieval
class Rat Rational number (limited-precision)
class RatStr Dual value rational number and string
role Rational Number stored as numerator and denominator
role Real Non-complex number
class Routine Code object with its own lexical scope and
class Scalar A mostly transparent container used for indirections
class Signature Parameter list pattern
class Str String of characters
role Stringy String or object that can act as a string
class Sub Subroutine
class Submethod Member function that is not inherited by subclasses
class ValueObjAt Unique identification for value types
class Variable Object representation of a variable for use in traits
class Version Module version descriptor
class Whatever Placeholder for the value of an unspecified argument
class WhateverCode Code object constructed by Whatever-currying
class atomicint Integer (native storage at the platform's atomic operation size)
class int Native integer